The Learning Library

The Learning Library

by LJ Pond

A library of free learning resources for writers, editors and proofreaders

Welcome to The Learning Library! Here you’ll find a collection of resources created to support you as a writer. This content is created for YOU, so do reach out using the button below and let me know if there’s a topic you’d like me to cover.

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Using the library

There are three groups of resources:

Click on an image to explore the resources on offer or use the search function to look for a specific topic.

Blog Articles

These articles aim to explore common questions asked about editing and proofreading and give advice on ways to improve your writing.

Language Tips Series

My Language Tips Series is a collection of PDFs that are free to download. Each instalment looks at one aspect of written English that writers often find tricky.

Free commas download COMING SOON!

Free Downloads

My free downloads are here to support you with self-editing of your writing.