Non-fiction copyediting and proofreading

Copyediting & proofreading of non-fiction projects

Are you a non-fiction author? A content writer? A subject specialist writing an article? A student?

Welcome and congratulations on getting to the copyediting or proofreading stage of your work! Now it’s time to make sure your writing is consistent, accurate and clear. That’s where I come in!

A copyedit will ensure that your writing reads well, your style is consistent, and your meaning is clear.

A proofread will remove any errors, typos and inconsistencies that have slipped through the copyediting stage, and check that each page looks as it should.

After a final tweak and polish, you’ll feel confident that your knowledge and expertise are presented clearly and professionally.

What type of text is this service for?

My copyediting and proofreading services work well for a variety of text types, including:

  • Letters, single emails, and email sequences
  • Articles and essays
  • Manuscripts
  • Course content – reference materials, learning and practice materials, scripts
  • Transcripts
  • Training manuals
  • Web copy
  • Magazine issues
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations and slideshows
  • Forms

Don’t see your project listed above? That’s okay! Whether your project is long or short, I’m happy to discuss it to see if I’m the right editor for you.

How much does this service cost?

The price of this service is dependent on your requirements – please contact me for a quote.

What’s included in this service?

If you engage me for copyediting, I will:

  • correct any errors and inconsistencies in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, and word choice.
  • suggest alternatives to any language you’ve used that may be harmful to marginalised communities.
  • check that your writing flows well between sentences and paragraphs.
  • check that the content and tone of your writing are appropriate for your audience and the purpose of your text.
  • provide you with a style sheet to refer to during any further rounds of editing and when you’re working on your next project to help you achieve consistency.

If you engage me for proofreading, I will:

  • correct any errors and inconsistencies in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, and word choice.
  • highlight any language you’ve used that may be harmful to marginalised communities.
  • check for any errors and inconsistencies in the layout of your text.

How does it work?

Once we’ve had a chat about your project, I’ll send you a quote. Your quote will include:

  • my fee for the service
  • a proposed schedule.

If you’d like to go ahead, you’ll complete my booking confirmation form. This will let me know that you agree to the terms of the quote and my terms of service, and the completed form will act as our contract.

When I’ve received your completed booking form, you’ll receive an invoice from me. This will need to be paid to confirm your booking and secure my time to work on your project. Once everything is confirmed, I’ll get stuck into copyediting or proofreading your writing in line with the schedule!

I’ll return your work for you to review once my edit or proofread is complete and you’ve paid any remaining fees. If you choose to revise any of your work as a result of my feedback and would like me to take another look, I will proofread these revisions for you for no additional charge (terms and conditions apply).

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum fee for this service?

Yes – the minimum fee is AU$28 for proofreading and AU$35 for copyediting.

How do you calculate the fee for my project?

When I complete an edit or proofread for you, I base my fee on the time needed to complete the work. I calculate how long your job will take by considering the following:

  • the length of your text
  • the level of editing needed
  • the subject and level of technicality
  • your proposed schedule.

Can you do a quick proofread for a lower fee?

How soon can you return my project?

That depends on your project! This is also one of the reasons why it’s so important to chat with me before you book any of my services. Longer, more complex projects will require more of my time, and I will also need to confirm I’m available to work within your schedule.

If you find yourself in a tight spot and need your work turned around quickly, it may be possible to bump your project to the top of my to-do list. The minimum rate for this is AU$40 for proofreading and $50 for copyediting.  

Do you offer payment plans?

If the cost of your project is AU$800 or more, you are welcome to pay in two instalments: a 50% booking fee to block time in my schedule for your job, followed by the remaining 50% when my work is complete and before I return your edited files.