Small Business Content Packages

Content packages for small businesses

I’m a small business owner, so I recognise how valuable your time is and how important it is to invest your money wisely.

I also understand the importance of publishing quality content that’s clear and effective. Every piece of writing that you share with your customers and clients tells them something about your brand, your standards and your values.

In an ideal world, we’d all be amazing copywriters or have the means to hire one to do the work for us! In reality, that’s not always the case, which is why I created these packages to support you.

What is a Small Business Content Package?

My Small Business Content Packages allow you to choose from three types of content and two levels of editing for a fixed price.

A package will suit you if:

  • you want to write your own content, but you’re feeling a little stuck;
  • you need some help to add your brand style and voice to AI-generated content;
  • you need someone to help you be accountable to your publishing schedule;
  • you want to avoid paying minimum project rates for short pieces of writing.

My work will help you feel confident that what you’re publishing is clear, accurate, and demonstrates your professionalism and enhances your credibility. And it’ll give you back the time to do the thing that you do best – your business!

How much does a package cost?

My Small Business Content Packages are priced according to the type of content you’d like me to help with and the level of editing you need.

Social media captions

8 x captions (up to 300 words each); valid for one month
AU$65 – AU$80


4 x emails (up to 700 words each); valid for two months
AU$70 – AU$85

Blog articles

2 x articles (up to 1,250 words each); valid for two months
AU$70 – AU$85

How does it work?

Once you’ve let me know you’re interested in one (or more!) of my Small Business Content Packages and we’ve discussed a start date, I’ll ask you to complete my package purchase form, which will act as our contract. When I’ve received your completed form, I’ll send you an invoice for the package so you can pay to activate it on your preferred start date.

When your package becomes active, you’ll have one or two months (depending on the package you’ve chosen) to send me your content for proofreading or copyediting.

You’ll receive your edited social media captions and emails within 48 hours of sending them to me, and your blog articles within 72 hours of submission.

Frequently asked questions

Can I mix and match the type of content I send to you?

No – your package credits can only be used on the type of content stated. If you’d like me to help with different content, you can either buy a different package or chat to me about my current availability for an Editor on Demand plan. 

Can I mix and match the level of editing I need?

If you buy a copyediting package, but one of your texts only needs proofreading, I’m happy to do this for you. However, the price of the package will remain the same – I do not offer partial refunds for any unused parts of a package. If you buy a proofreading package, I will only proofread your content.

How do I know what level of editing I need?

This is a very popular question! The answer is it completely depends on what your goals for each item are. Here are my suggestions:

Social media captions
Want to write your own captions but feeling stuck? A copyediting package can help you get back on track.

If you’re confident in your message but want to make sure there are no embarrassing errors in your work, proofreading is the option for you.

Are you creating an email sequence to call your clients to action? Ensure your message is consistent, accurate, complete and clear with a copyediting package.

Once sent, an email can’t be taken back! Ensure your writing is free of errors with a proofreading package.

Blog articles
Got great ideas for a post but need some support to improve the readability of your articles? Copyediting is the right choice for you.

Make sure your expertise shine through by eliminating distracting erros with a proofreading package.

If I buy the email package but my emails are only 350 words each, can you work on eight emails instead of four?

No, sorry! Each package credit can only be used for one item. This applies to all of the Small Business Content Packages. The word count specified in each is intentionally very generous to allow you to write without worrying too much about exceeding my word limits.