Editor on Demand Plans

Three-month Editor on Demand plans

If you’re like many other small business owners, you often wear ALL the hats and tend to do ALL the writing!

You might find yourself working on social posts, responses to customer complaints, web copy AND official documents all in one day. And then you don’t write anything until you find a pocket of time ten days later.

So what happens if you need some editorial support, but you can’t always schedule it far in advance to ensure you get a great editor, and you don’t want to pay additional fees for a rush job each time?

I see you, and I have a plan for you – well, three to be specific!

What is an Editor on Demand Plan?

If you need help with a range of written texts on a more ad hoc basis, an Editor on Demand plan is for you. Each plan lasts for three months.

Rather than paying per project or group of projects, a plan gives you the flexibility to get multiple texts edited within a three-month period for a fixed price.

All you need to do is choose how many hours of support you’d like: a total of 10, 15 or 20 hours.

These plans are strictly limited to ensure I can give you the best support possible, so I recommend getting in touch as soon as you’re interested. You can book a plan up to two months in advance.

How much does a plan cost?

My Editor on Demand Plans are priced according to the number of hours of support you’d like over a three-month period:

  • 10-hour plan: AU$435
  • 15-hour plan: AU$600
  • 20-hour plan: AU$750

What’s included in a plan?

These plans are all about flexibility. You’re in charge of what type of writing you need support with and what type of editing you’d like me to do.

Unlike my other services, the price doesn’t change depending on the length of your text or the level of editing you need. As long as I can complete the work within the total number of hours in your chosen plan, consider it done!

Being on a plan also guarantees my availability to support you as long as you have hours remaining and your three months of access is ongoing.

How does it work?

Once you’re signed up, you’ll have three months to use your hours. When you have a piece of writing ready for editing or proofreading, this is the process we’ll follow.

1. Briefing
You share your text with me and brief me on what you’d like me to do with it.

2. Confirmation
I check the job details and contact you within 24 hours with the time needed for the job and the expected return date. The number of hours that I determine the job will take will be deducted from your plan.

3. Review
I return your text for you to review. You let me know if you’d like anything revising.

4. Completion
I make any suitable revisions and return the text to you. Now it’s ready to publish!

Frequently asked questions

Who decides how long each job will take?

I do! I base the job time on what the text looks like when you give it to me and the level of editing needed. You confirm that you’re happy with the number of hours I’ll deduct from your plan before I get started.

Can I ask you to “spend no more than 40 minutes” on a piece of my writing?

No – I don’t work like this. Quality work takes time, and I will always do my best to return your writing as promptly as possible, but I won’t rush it. The length of time I determine that I need to work with your text is informed by my experience and training. 

Can I use all of my hours in one week?

Why do you cap the work at six hours a week?

Quality control! If you were going to fix the electrics in my house, I’d like you to take the time you need to do your best work and give it your full attention. I don’t compromise the quality of my work for speed, so I cap the number of hours I can work for you each day.

If I revise any part of my text, can you proofread it? Will this count as another job to be deducted from my package hours?

Yes, I will proofread your revisions. If you’ve added or revised more than 25% of the original word count, I will let you know how many hours it will take to complete the proofread, and this time will be deducted from your package. If you’ve revised 25% or less of the original word count, I will proofread it for free. 

What does 10/15/20 hours of editorial work look like?

I really need to see your work to give you an accurate answer to this one, I’m afraid! What I can tell you is that I determine the amount of time needed for a job based on:

  • the length of your text
  • the level of editing needed
  • the subject and level of technicality
  • any specific instructions you give me in the brief.

Also, here’s an example of how a plan worked for one client. Please bear in mind though that this is what worked for her, and what I can do varies from writer to writer.

Example: Tori

Tori was launching her home organisation business and had written the following content to be edited for publishing over the following three months:

  • 3 x web pages
  • 3 x blog articles
  • 1 x client survey
  • 24 x social media captions

None of Tori’s writing had been edited already, so each item needed copyediting. She had conducted her own keyword research for her web pages and blog articles and sent this to me along with her brief.

Tori was able to get all of this done on a 15-hour plan.

What if I use all of the hours in my plan before the end of the three-month period and I need more work doing?

You are welcome to a one-time upgrade to a plan with more hours by simply paying the difference between the two plans, noting that the end date will be the same as your original plan. If you exceed the number of hours a second time, you will need to pay for a one-off project or buy a new plan.