About me


My professional background

My love of language began when studying for my MA in English Language and German at the University of Glasgow. From there, it’s blossomed into a passion for helping others to communicate in English.

Before starting my editorial business, I worked in English language teaching (ELT) in Australia. I was a specialist teacher and assessor, a teacher trainer, and a curriculum and resources writer. I also became qualified in the design of training and assessment materials for the workplace.

My editorial training and professional memberships

I completed my editorial training with The Publishing Training Centre (and would highly recommend their courses to anyone looking for quality training!). I’m currently developing my skills further with a course from the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).

I’m also an Intermediate Member of the CIEP. Having this membership means that I’ve made a commitment to do the very best job I can for each and every client, and I’m committed to the ongoing development of my skills to ensure the service I provide is of the highest standard.

My volunteer work

I’m the former deputy editor of the monthly membership magazine of the organisation, BAMBI – a non-profit parenting organisation supporting local and expatriate families in Bangkok, Thailand. It was a privilege to help so many people from around the world tell their stories through articles in the magazine.

My favourite subjects

My favourite subjects are quite varied. I enjoy working on a workplace training manual as much as I love polishing an article about parenting!

I’m strongly invested in producing quality English language teaching materials. Making English accessible to everyone who wants to use it is very close to my heart.

I also have a special interest in reading and working on topics related to mental health, disability and child development. The more accessible we can make these topics, the more we can learn about them, and the more inclusive we can be.